8 Common Illnesses You Had no Idea Cannabis Can Solve


The arrival of Fall is the beginning of the most festive time of year. It means that Christmas is right around the corner, and baby it’s getting cold outside. While these seasons are a time of merriment, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season also usually means that more people are prone to sickness.

Here are the 10 most common fall and winter illnesses and how cannabis can help:

Colds and flu: There’s no doubt about it; colds and flu are the bane of these seasons. Cold weather can compromise the immune system, so it’s important to stay warm by wrapping up. It’s especially important for asthmatics to take care of their immune system during this time of year.

Toke up: The anti-bacterial properties of CBD can help your body fight the virus. It can also help treat the pain from sinus pressure if a cold or flu bogs you down. If you get hit by a cold or flu, sleep is critical to healing and a good indica strain can help you get some shut-eye. If you’re looking for added protection from colds and flu, sublingually using some CBD oil or tinctures can help prevent the virus.

Back pain: One of the top causes of pain among American adults, back pain is much more common during the holiday season. Shopping, decorating your home, putting up the tree, spending more time in the kitchen, stress, drinking more booze…all of these can strain your back.