Groundbreaking Medical Study Reveals Cannabis Treats ADHD Better Than Ritalinv


A groundbreaking new medical study may have determined that cannabis treats ADHD symptoms better than conventional medicines, like Ritalin and Adderall.

A small sample of 30 patients with ADHD took part in a study to demonstrate the ways in which cannabis treatments can affect their symptoms. These patients said they were having limited success with Ritalin and Adderall. After their cannabis treatment, all 30 patients reported a significant improvement in their concentration levels and their quality of sleep, and 22 of the 30 patients have stopped using ritalin/adderall since.

ADHD sufferers are known to have relatively low dopamine levels. It is a disorder more commonly found in children but can continue into adulthood. Adults with ADHD typically have trouble managing time, being organised and addiction. They may also have trouble controlling their emotions and making goals. ADHD tends to run in families but there are a number of ways to exacerbate the disorder, from poor nutrition to substance abuse, which, during pregnancy, can affect a baby’s brain development.

ADHD cannot be prevented or cured but spotting it early and having a good treatment can significantly diminish the symptoms.

“Cannabis appears to treat ADD and ADHD by increasing the availability of dopamine,” said cannabinoidologist, Dr. David Bearman. “This then has the same effect but is a different mechanism of action than stimulants like Ritalin and dexedrine amphetamine, which act by binding to the dopamine and interfering with the metabolic breakdown of dopamine.”

If the key to higher concentration levels and better sleep is more dopamine then cannabis use can be combined with many other natural dopamine heightening activities to further decrease ADHD symptoms.

So far, in the US, prescribing medical marijuana to treat ADHD is only legal in Colorado and California. But with studies like this being conducted, it’s likely we’ll see more states legalising the treatment.