Latest Expanded Symptoms List of Fibromyalgia With Details: Everyone Should Know


This article page is a more detailed list of fibromyalgia symptoms in an easy to read listed format where each symptom is a link to a relevant specific treatment protocol. You may find symptoms here that you endure that are not usually identified in the so-called “common fibro symptoms”.

Some of the following links will be updated as new and more specific articles are published here on the site. This extended fibromyalgia symptoms list will get you familiar with the various symptoms and treatment options (not false cures) as you study our entire protocol for “eating the fibromyalgia elephant one symptom at a


Whether you have been living with fibromyalgia for much of your lifetime, or are newly diagnosed, our site is designed to be user friendly and help you to live a better quality of life with fibromyalgia.

F-G says,”Use my symptoms list links.”

Please trust me when I say that  fibromyalgia is a very complex  syndrome, and there are no “silver  bullets”. But there are solutions that will help many if not most of you.

And,  those solutions vary depending on the  symptom. If we are going to create a  better quality of life, following my  entire protocol is the most effective way; but, three of the five  protocol steps are essential:

  • Minimizing Environmental Toxins in your life
  • Studying, understanding, and practicing mind body techniques such as meditation & deep breathing
  • Implementing an activity program that fits your current condition

Much of this website is devoted to helping you proceed down this path.

Using The Fibromyalgia Symptoms List

Some of the elements of the fibromyalgia symptoms list are complex and may require a combination of approaches to control or minimize. The “unvisited” symptom link (by you personally) will be colored a lighter shade and underlined indicating it is a link.

When you click on it, you will be taken to the primary article about that particular symptom.  In some cases there will be additional links on that page that provide more insight or information, possibly on a different facet of that symptom. You can follow each “information trail” to its conclusion, or simply make a note to come back to it as time permits.

Once you have clicked on a symptom, its color will revert from a purple to a darker grey indicating that you have already clicked on it.  It will of course continue to work normally as a link; just its color will have changed allowing you to keep up with which links you have personally visited.

Musculo-Skeletal Symptoms

One of the defining attributes of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain is the effect on mobility about the body in time periods of a few hours to days at a time. This is often the result of severely tender “areas” of the fibro body and multiple trigger points which lie in various layers along the fascia and muscle groups and seemingly can pass the pain around. As painful as it sounds, light exercise, stretching, or even manipulation is the best treatment.

Brain/Head/Face Symptoms

Fibromyalgia symptoms are most debilitating when they affect the brain, head, or face. This is due to the close proximity within all of our senses and the effect on them. Moreover, the fibromyalgia symptoms that affect this area are quite diverse, creating emotional effects; sleep disturbance; hyper sensitivity to lights, noise, and chemical toxins; and all are accompanied by pain ranging from acute and throbbing to incessant dull ache. Mitigating these varied symptoms is just as varied.

GI Tract

GI issues on the fibromyalgia symptoms list are often exacerbated by a common co-condition, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which has more serious GI tract problems than fibro alone. However, symptom relief for either pretty much follows the same protocol. Working as a colon therapist for many years, I have utilized some effective, non invasive remedies to ease symptoms of IBS, constipation and spastic colon.

Geno-Urinary Tract


A couple of the items on the fibromyalgia symptoms list in this category deserve a tip. I personally don’t have much problem with heat, but cold is a different matter. My greatest “cold” issues usually occur in the spring or fall when weather fronts often move thru accompanied by a drop in temperature. Being better prepared for weather change is essential with fibromyalgia.

Also, the “sensitive to touch” symptom is quite different from the allodynia symptom in which any touch is intolerable. TRPs and the fascia are usually involved in simple “sensitive to touch”.  In this case manipulation can be done and some relief can be realized.

Immune System

In this category of the fibromyalgia symptoms list I just want to explain why MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) is listed here as well as in the above category of “Brain/Head/Face. I’ve had severe MCS since a young age, and it can be very debilitating, and worse is that I really have no protocol to fall back on as I do with fibromyalgia. With MCS, it’s all about avoiding exposures.

But, when exposed, the effects in the Head area are really bad and come on quickly; but that’s not the end of the story because MCS is like the worst “endocrine disrupter” really, and associated symptoms can last for days.  So, you are probably saying to yourself ” but I don’t have MCS”.  Well, hear me out…

Sure, I’m hyper-sensitive to all manner of toxins; but in my years of working with fibro sufferers, I’m convinced that most people with fibromyalgia also react to those same toxins.  In a twisted kind of way I’m lucky because my reactions are so “cause and effect” obvious.

When I am exposed, I know it immediately; and, I know my fibro is going to flare.  It always does.  I’m also convinced that your fibro flares when you are exposed to those same toxins, but you probably don’t make the association in your mind because it’s not as evident as with me.

Consequently, I believe that many fibro sufferer’s fibromyalgia symptoms are exacerbated by the toxins in our everyday lives such as dryer sheets, perfume, deodorant, formaldehyde in our carpet and furniture, and many other sources.  You can do something to protect yourself, I have. It is important that we create a safe haven in our own homes. Read more about this on the Environmental Toxins page by clicking on the multiple chemical sensitivity link in the folowing fibromyalgia symptoms list.

Although not listed here, you can also use the SITEMAP to access the articles on “Leaky Gut” and “Underactive Thyroid” (often part of lowered immune symptoms) There are also viral co-conditions such as Epstein Barr, anaplasma and mycoplasma that can exacerbate symptoms within fibromyalgia when these viruses are found through blood testing.